A Day in the Life: Meghan ft. Bentley

Here is Meghan’s Day in the life video! Her adorable asshole of a cat is also featured in this video. His name is Bentley, I’ve met him, he is rad.


Once again I think this outlines the similarities and differences we have. Meghan graduated with her Master’s degree last year and as seen in the video, has a full time job. Her day ended with Pizza Night with her friends in the Boston area.


A Day in the Life: Casey and Sabrina

If you caught the last post you saw what an average day of Snapchat looked like for the girls and I. Today I am sharing two videos that follow me and Sabrina around in an average day. We all chose Friday, April 28th to record short videos. As you will quickly find out, Sabrina was super jazzed about this project. When she finished her day she send me 98 short videos!! I’ve edited them down to about 17 minutes, three times longer than any of the other videos.


Shoutout to Sabrina for finding what is probably one of very few Houston Astros flags in New York City.

My video is a little more boring. For some reason it is a lot easier to record your day in NYC than in small town Texas without people giving you strange looks. I got my dads truck washed and the oil changed, made my mom’s birthday cake (a family recipe poppy seed cake) and then drove to the rock wall to work out a bit.


The main reason I decided to do a day in the life videos is to see the similarities and differences between our lives. We come together online through a mutual interest of a few television shows and we are all girls and approximantly the same age, but after that we are vastly different.

 Stick around to see Meghan’s and hopefully Marys’. Marys just so happens to be in Maui this week and is still trying to send me her videos via slow island internet.

A Day of Snapchat

Here is what an average day of our snapchats looks like. We created a group so we can send a snap once and we all get it.

Although this may not be average. Meghan was in Santa Monica for a work function and I was in Las Vegas for a conference. So, kind of average, kind of different.

Fandom to Friendship Episode 4: 7 Shows to Watch Right Now!

Meghan joined me to pitch our listeners 7 shows that we think you should give a chance!

Find out more about The 100 here, Pitch here, and Superstore here.

Meghan wants you to watch Catastrophe which you can find out more about here and I pitched you The Magicians.

Of course if you don’t like watching shows that are still airing you could always check out Rookie Blue, the show that brought us all together, or our personal all time favorite The Newsroom. I mentioned the viral video from the show that goes around Facebook every now and again, you can watch it below!


Fandom to Friendship Episode 3: Misconceptions of Online Friends with Sabrina

On this episode of From Fandom to Friendship I spoke with Sabrina about the misconceptions surrounding online friendships. We talk about this blog that is just total crap. It talks about “real friends” vs online friends and how online friends are super dangerous and not real friendships. Sabrina and I break it down and compare it to our experiences with online culture.

Warning: Sabrina lives in New York City and there is a police siren at the end of this episode when a car drove by. It is very loud but I decided to leave it in because I feel like it highlights how different our lives are and yet we still became really close friends through online fandom and culture.